Volumio over-the-air update, no SSH anymore?

What a surprise when I upgraded Volumio to the latest version (noteworthily to patch against the KRACK attack) and discovered that the SSH access was not activated anymore after a reboot!

It seems that the security-conscious Volumio team has decided to desactivate the SSH access by default, which makes sense. Although, it seems that the dev mode is activated by default (?) at http://ip.to.volumio/dev and permits the reactivation of SSH? Beware in an insecure context, Volumio was clearly built for a home-usage with low security constraints, one willing to go further will have no difficulties in increasing the level of security around Volumio (for example some filtering through a reverse proxy would certainly do a lot of good).

It is however quite easy to re-activate the SSH server: just create a "ssh" file in the /boot folder of Volumio. And reboot!