Sunday, May 20 2018

One Plus X E1001 and LineageOS

Installing LineageOS on a One Plus X E1001 (not E1003, I believe E1001 is an Asian version whereas E1003 was old in Europe) was a bit painful. This article will not repeat all instructions to install LineageOS on One plus X (which can be found here: but only cover some unexpected behaviors I need to circumvent to install LineageOS.

First no recent (3+) TWRP version was running fine: all refused to boot (fastboot boot path/to/recovery/file.img) with the following error message:

Remote: dtb not found error

I had to use an old TWRP 2.8.7 version to make it work. Here is the version that worked fine for me: twrp-

Then, the LineageOS zip file could not install because of the following error message:

Comparing TZ version TZ.BF.2.0-2.0.0137 to TZ.BF.2.0-2.0.0134
assert failed: oppo.verify_trustzone("TZ.BF.2.0-2.0.0137") == "1"
E:Installation aborted.

To fix this one, I had to first flash the firmware/bootloader with a more recent version. Installing the following file with TWRP did the trick:

After that, LineageOS (one of the nightly version of May 2018) installed just fine.

I hope this will help some people facing the "dtb not found" and "assert failed: oppo.verify_trustzone" error messages!