Tomato, VLAN & WAN: this is poorly documented!

It is not obvious to change the VLAN for the WAN port on a router using the Tomato firmware. This might be a necessity when the PPPoE infrastructure of your internet provider requires such a setting.

This is the case in France with the Orange provider (not for DSL but for fiber access): the internet traffic should transit on the VLAN 835.

To do so with Tomato:

  1. choose the PPPoE connection for the WAN (do not forget username and password if needed)
  2. get to the Advanced settings, VLAN page and change the VID for the WAN to correspond to the required VLAN. With some routers (such as the Asus RT-N16), changing the VID does not work and you should in fact add an offset and change the VLAN number. As an example, for VLAN 835, you have to choose a VID offset of 832 and set the WAN to the VLAN 3. Then VID should automatically change to 835.
  3. save and reboot, the WAN connection should now work

You can see below the appropriate setting for a WAN over VLAN 835 as requested by French Orange provider.


Hope this helps!